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Safe Driving training center

Our Training centre IBF-Safty conducts driver trainings on purpose to reduce the quantity and toughness of car accidents. Progressive world experience in Safe driving and knowledge of Russian driving traditions are the base of our training programs. All the spectrum of programs is enriched with our own 20 years experience of managing our own car fleet and staff of drivers. Acumulated experience shows that only complex approach to the problem of road safety can guarantee a good result.
Since August 2013 our Training Centre is accredited to the UK Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

We aim to promote safety on roads by means of reducing driving risks especially when our clients drivers are involved. We teach driving style and skills which minimize car-crash risks regardless the actions of other traffic participants, weather conditions and other factors.

You are welcome to get familiar with information about trainings and services within our Training centre IBF-Safty

Here there is a list of most modern and useful trainings:

  • - Corporate test for drivers staff and candidates applying for getting a company vehicle;

  • - Safe driving. Training for teacher-drivers, fleet-managers, drivers;

  • - Testing driving skills;

  • - Practical driving skills improvement;

  • - Training Parking and overall maneuvering.

Training program Safe driving includes:
  • - Ideology and principals of safe car driving

  • - Methodology of safe car driving

  • - Driving psychology

  • - Driving around the city with corrections and under control of professional

  • - Test of drivers professional skills and psychological qualities

  • - Assessment and certification of successful trainees.

Our trainees are car fleet managers and chiefs of transportation departments, managers, sales representatives, private drivers, taxi drivers, drivers-forwarders, beginner with a lack of experience.

The trainings take place in specially equipped class or on a client territory. The coaches are qualified according to International standards (ROSPA British Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) and possess long-term experience of work with corporate taxi drivers, who provide services for the largest Russian and foreign companies.

We raise the value of peoples life, save their forces, time and energy. Let us strive for these it together. We look forward to see you in our training centre. Our contacts are fleet@ibf-motors.ru

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