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The entire complex auto transport services is being provided by our company. It includes

  • Rent-a-car with a driver;
    • business trips of clients staff or guests around Moscow or St Petersburg;
    • meeting and seeing off at airports or railway stations;
    • trips within the European part of Russian Federation;
    • courier or forwarding services;
    • business arrangements, seminars, conferences full servicing;
    • administrative and human resource services (outsourcing);
    • placing highly qualified drivers at a clients disposal. The drivers are qualified as highly skilled in foreign languages and experienced in driving cars of foreign makes;
    • cars transfer within Russian Federation;
    • cargo transfer with load/unload services;
    • business class cars for hire;
    • long term car hire without a driver;
  • complex control over a clients vehicle fleet (run-time leasing)
  • car transfer for clients
  • human resources services
  • cars for hire

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